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Toons4biz uses animation to bring cartoon brand mascots to life. Cartoon brand mascots are incredibly powerful marketing and brand building tools. Animation turbo-charges their effectiveness. Typically used on Web pages, cartoon animation gives businesses a distinct edge in the battle to differentiate their product, service or brand.

Toons4biz offers stock and custom animations. Animation of stock cartoon brand mascots are available doing the following: walking, running, standing, winking and waving, dancing and what we call a scroller.

A scroller is an animation of a cartoon character with a cartoon dialog bubble that features text scrolling through it. This animation technique enables the character to deliver a fluid message - thereby commanding more attention and focus. The scrolling text is customized to say anything a client wants it to say. A sample cartoon animation scroller is used on the landing page of Toons4biz.

The benefit of a cartoon animation from Toons4biz is that it is a tremendous value. Custom cartoon animation can be very time intensive and costly, depending on what you want the cartoon character doing.

Toons4biz also used cartoon animation to create Toonicons - similar to emoticons, but featuring popular characters from our collection of stock brand mascots.

Cartoon animation of custom characters is also available. The way we bid custom animations is by the number of motions you want the character doing. For example, if you want your cartoon character 1)Bending down, 2) picking up a rock, 3) throwing it through a window, 4) getting a panicked look on their face, and 5) running away. That would be 5 motions. So try to break down what you want your character to be doing in the number of motions. Generally speaking, the more motions, the higher the cost of a cartoon animation.

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Cartoon Animation
Bring your Brand Mascot to Life through Cartoon Animation