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The cartoon clipart at Toons4biz is designed specifically for businesses and organizations that want a cartoon character for use as a brand mascot. While there is a lot of cartoon clipart out there, the vast majority of it is not good for use as a brand mascot. Most of the cartoon clipart characters you'll find are funny looking (goofy, stupid or silly), but is that what you want to portray your company or brand?

The cartoon clipart at Toons4biz features characters that are friendly, likeable, smart and delightful. They feature big eyes, and bright warm smiles. And each character comes in its own cartoon clipart set. Some of the cartoon characters come in sets of 30 poses while others come in cartoon clipart sets of 75 poses. There's a few that have odd numbers too.

The cartoon clipart sets let you build a robust marketing campaign around a cartoon brand mascot. Each cartoon clipart set gives you a specific character in a variety of poses, including holiday themes. You'll find each of our cartoon characters celebrating Christmas, Halloween, Independence Day and Thanksgiving.

The cartoon clipart sets also feature the characters doing useful things for business promotion. You'll find our cartoon characters holding a blank sign that you can customize; holding money so you can talk about value; holding a phone so you can tell people how to reach you. The cartoon clipart sets also have the cartoon character running to convey speed; looking through a magnifying glass to convey quality. Some of the cartoon clipart sets also feature the cartoon character in logo templates that are easy to customize with your company or brand name.

If you are looking for cartoon clipart to be used for business promotion, Toons4biz is the right place to look. We also do custom cartoon character design.
Cartoon Clipart
Each cartoon clipart set features a character in a variety of poses so you can build a powerful marketing campaign around them.