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A cartoon logo can be much more effective than a traditional logo if designed properly. By incorporating a cartoon character into your logo design, you convert a static graphic element into a living being that can make eye contact with people. Automatically, there is some type of story behind your company. Just by having a cartoon character in your logo, you inject personality into your presentation.

When you design a character, be careful of several things. First, don't try to turn your cartoon logo into a cartoon strip. You can't tell a big, long story. Keep it simple. Some people try to turn their cartoon logo into some type of hieroglyphics, including multiple elements. Remember, your cartoon logo has to work well when it is small enough to go on a business card.

We had a client that wanted us to design a character and a cartoon logo for his plumbing business. Originally, he wanted the name of his company, surrounded by a frame made of leaky pipes: a rag wrapped around the pipes to stop a leak: water leaking from the pipes: a shower head on the pipes, and a cartoon character of a plumber's wrench taking a shower. It was just too much detail for a logo. The rag was hard to identify as a rag, no matter how hard we tried to illustrate it. The water leak just looked like little black scratches. By the time we shrunk the cartoon wrench character down to fit under the showerhead, he was so small, it was hard to tell what he was. We ended up simply putting the cartoon wrench character beside the company name, and it worked great. It's one of our favorite cartoon logo designs in fact. You can see it on the Custom Toons page. It's the Boden Plumbing logo.

Remember that a cartoon logo is a combination of a logo, and a cartoon character. Both do distinct things. A logo communicates at-a-glance, and gives your company, product or brand a distinct and consistent visual presentation. We design a character to inject personality into your messaging, makes eye contact and projects friendliness and other human traits that reinforce your strategic brand position. Make sure your cartoon logo is designed by a professional so both do their job.
Cartoon Logo
Learn why a cartoon logo is more powerful than a traditional logo, in many cases. A cartoon logo combines the attributes of a character with a logo.