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A cartoon mascot can be used in one of two ways: in education as a school mascot, or in business as a brand mascot. If you are looking for a cartoon mascot for use in business, go to Toons4biz has the largest selection of royalty free stock cartoon mascots in the world. Currently they have more than stock 100 cartoon mascots – one for virtually every type of business imaginable. Some of their cartoon mascots include: cartoon computer, cartoon house, cartoon dollar bill, cartoon pizza and cartoon taco.

Each cartoon mascot comes in its own clipart set featuring the cartoon mascot in a variety of useful poses so you can build a robust marketing campaign around them. Each cartoon mascot is presented celebrating common holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Independence day. Each cartoon mascot is also shown doing useful things to promote business such as holding a blank, customizable sign, holding a fist full of money, holding a phone or running - to convey speedy delivery or service.

Be careful of using common clipart sources for your cartoon mascot. Most cartoon clipart characters might be funny looking (silly and goofy), but is that really the image you want to project. Each cartoon mascot from Toons4biz is specially designed to project the proper image to business prospects. A cartoon mascot should be friendly, helpful and intelligent looking and the cartoon mascots from Toons4biz are exactly that. It's a subtle, but crucial difference.

If you're looking for additional school cartoon mascots, go to They have a nice collection of cartoon mascots for schools.
Cartoon Mascot
The cartoon mascot sets here are for use as brand mascots. Each cartoon mascot comes in its own clipart set.