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Money Mascot Flat Clip Art Set Money Mascot Logo Mascot Running Money Mascot Pointing At You
Money Mascot | Cartoon Dollar Clip Art | Money Clip Art Logo Money Running Money Pointing At You
Complete Collection Illustration Running Pointing At You
Money Flexing Muscles Money Mascot Whispering Money Pointing Up
Money Flexing Muscles Money Whispering Clip Art Money Pointing Up
Flexing Muscles Whispering Pointing Up
Money Mascot With Money Money Mascot In Computer Money Mascot With A Man
Money With Money Money In Computer Money With A Man
With Money In Computer With A Man
Money Mascot With A Woman Money Mascot On A Dollar Bill Money Mascot Driving A Car
Money With A Woman Money On A Dollar Bill Money Driving A Car
With A Woman On A Dollar Bill Driving A Car
Money Mascot With Price Tag Money Mascot With Stop Sign Money Mascot With Scissors
Money With Price Tag Money With Stop Sign Money With Scissors
Holding Price Tag Holding Stop Sign Holding Scissors
Money Mascot With Phone Money Mascot With Megaphone Money Mascot With A Sign
Money With Phone Money With Megaphone Money With A Sign
Pointing to Phone Using Megaphone Holding A Sign
Don't laugh! Those silly little characters can mean big business. Consider the Pillsbury Doughboy, the Jolly Green Giant, the M&Ms characters, the Aflac duck and the Geico Gecko. This character is especially useful for communicating about money, cash, dollar bills, dollars, finance, lending, credit, banking, economics, business and anything to do with money management or investing. Companies that might use him include accountants, banks, financial advisers, lenders, loan officers, mortgage lenders, loan sharks, cashiers, financial institutions, credit counselors, credit counselling businesses, auditing companies and auditors.

In fact, a cartoon brand mascot is the single most powerful marketing tool many companies can deploy. Most people, when starting a business, or introducing a new product brand, center their efforts around the logo, trying to build a brand around a simple graphic symbol. Maybe they prop it up with a snazzy slogan, but it's still a static symbol. It doesn't make eye contact (very important) and it can't talk and explain and educate anyone about anything. It doesn't wink and smile, giggle or dance, or do anything to be endearing. It doesn't create any "warm-and-fuzzies" and therefore, doesn't build relationships that translate into brand loyalty. Despite being viewed as the cornerstone for most brands, the effectiveness of logos still pales in comparison to a well-crafted cartoon brand mascot.

So why don't more companies use brand mascots? Quite simply it's been overlooked in traditional marketing circles. Name one college that teaches a class in developing brand mascots, let alone one that grants a degree in it. How many ad agencies do you know that specializes in it? It's just fallen through the cracks, and no one has focused on it as a specialty... until now.

Toons4biz specializes in the development of characters to help businesses and organizations communicate more effectively. We have more than 100 stock characters and each comes in its own clipart set so you can build a robust marketing or brand building campaign around them. Each clipart set features the character in a variety of useful poses, including holiday themes for Halloween, Christmas, Independence Day and Thanksgiving. There are also poses dedicated to common business themes. For example: holding a fist full of dollar bills to portray value, holding a magnifying glass to project quality, running to portray speed, flexing muscles to portray power or strengh. There's even a version with the character holding the phone which is often used beside the phone number or on vehicle signage. You also get a character holding a blank sign that you can fill with your own message. Logo templates are also available with many of the characters. All you have to do is add your company name and you have a professionally designed logo.

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