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Toons4biz provides both custom cartoons and stock cartoons for businesses that want a brand mascot.

Custom cartoons are typically developed for businesses that want a brand mascot similar to the Pillsbury Doughboy or Jolly Green Giant. Incredibly powerful marketing tools, a brand mascot can give a company a distinct advantage in highly competitive markets.

When are custom cartoons a better choice than stock cartoons for use as a brand mascot? The answer is not as clear as you may think. Most people think custom cartoons are the only way to go. That was before Toons4biz came on the scene. Toons4biz gives businesses a more economical alternative to custom cartoons. Toons4biz stock cartoon brand mascots are ideal for smaller, or regional businesses, where cost savings are important and exclusive ownership of the artwork rights is not critical. Custom cartoons are more appropriate for companies that conduct business nationwide or worldwide, and are willing to invest more for exclusive ownership associated with custom cartoons.

Custom cartoons typically begin with a rough sketch. We e-mail the sketches of custom cartoons to the client to see if we are on the right track. Custom cartoons come with one round of revisions at this stage. Then we refine the design, execute it in vector format, colorize it and send it back to the client. Custom cartoons also come with a round of revisions at this stage. Custom cartoons can be purchased with, or without, the exclusive rights. This gives us one more way to offer clients financial flexibility regarding custom cartoons.

Custom cartoons start with a simple phone call. Call us right now at (816) 366.0199 to discuss your needs.

Custom Cartoons
Design a Character with Cartoonist David Thompson.