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Branding Strategies: How To Differentiate Your Business
One of the most critical challenges any business faces is how to differentiate itself from the competition. This is where brand mascots excel! Even if you have a one-of-a-kind offering, super-outstanding value, or a location-to-die-for, a mascot can be the catalyst that sends your business into hyperdrive.

Lets strip away all advantages you might have, and put you on a level playing field with your competition. Pretend you have a gismo to sell, and there are 10 other guys who have the exact same gismo to sell to the same group of people. The only difference is that you have a brand mascot as your assistant. He talks to your customers and has your sales pitch down to a fine art. He's a super salesman. Relentless. In fact, there are clones of him on every street corner. Everywhere you look, he's smoozing customers. The other guys don't have anything like it. Who's going to stand out? Who's going to get remembered? Who looks like the leader? Who's going to be able to command a higher price? Who is going to have loyal customers crawling out of the woodwork? Now consider what a brand mascot can do working WITH the advantages you have in play. The combination could be incredible!
Differentiating your business