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Capsule Clip Art Set
Healthcare Clip Art Set
Healthcare Mascot Clip Art Set

This cartoon character comes in a clip art set featuring him in a variety of useful poses. Individual images of the cartoon character can be purchased separately. Use the cartoon character to promote things related to healthcare, clinics, hospitals, doctors, nurses and medical care.

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CapsuleSet01-A 30 Pose Clip Art Set Capsule
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This cartoon pill is for promoting things related to medicine and pills or a prescription, doctor, nurse pharmacy, health care, clinic, hospital, and prescription. The cartoon capsule comes in a clip art set with the cartoon pill in a variety of poses.

Technical Specs:
High resolution images are for printing and come in CMYK mode, jpeg format, at approximately 8 tall. These are raster images.

Low resolution images are best for electronic applications like Web sites and Powerpoint presentations. If used for print, they will generally look pixelized and render less than desirable results. These images are about 6 tall, RGB jpeg format at 72 dpi (dots per inch).

Toons4biz clip art collections are built around specific cartoon characters. Many are ideal for small business marketing and brand building. They can be used in logo design and ongoing marketing campaigns to promote small businesses. Each brand mascot comes in useful poses such as holding money to convey value, running to project speed, and holding a sign that can be customized to say anything you need it to.

We also have a line of cartoon school mascot clip art collections. These school mascots come in clip art sets with 48 versions of the character doing a variety of school and sport activities. Toons4biz school mascot clip art sets are ideal for yearbook design and designing banner, posters and t-shirts for high school, middle school and elementary school events. Each cartoon school mascot comes in poses specially designed for elementary schools such as crazy hair day, losing a tooth, reading a book and picture day. We also have more traditional and aggressive poses for older kids and the competitive sports. Each school mascot also comes in a logo template featuring the name of the mascot, with a place for the school name. Mascots include a: lion, tiger, panther, jaguar, cougar, cheetah, bobcat, eagle, hawk, falcon, blue jay, cardinal, griffin and more are being added all the time.

Toons4biz also does animations for TV and Web broadcasts. In fact, we are actually a full service ad agency that can help you with Web design, SEO, logo design, video production and a wide array of other advertising and marketing services.

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