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There's something about putting the two words "logo" and "clip art" together that grates on a designer. Logo clip art. Clip art is typically cheap, free and misused by the masses. A logo, on the other hand, is supposed to be on the other end of the value scale. It is supposed to be unique, completely distinctive. A logo is supposed to be a proprietary property that serves as the cornerstone for a vaunted branding campaign. It's not supposed to be built with cheap clip art. It is supposed to be hand crafted by a team a talented designers that are formulating a masterful graphic that will be iconic within its industry.

That's great if you have thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to throw at the logo design process, but what about the companies that don't have deep pockets? How can they develop a powerful logo without spending an arm and a leg, and without looking like they used cheap clip art? Is logo clip art the answer?

The logo clip art at Toons4biz might just be the answer. The logo clip art is built around cartoon brand mascots – a very powerful marketing tool for a lot of companies. Think of the Pillsbury Doughboy or Jolly Green Giant. Now you're getting the idea. At Toons4biz, you'll find logo clip art that features more than one hundred different cartoon characters - one for virtually every type of business.

Each cartoon character comes in its own logo clip art set featuring them in a wide variety of useful poses so you can build a robust marketing campaign around them. In many cases, you find a logo template as part of the logo clipart set. Simply plug your name in, and you have a nice, clean cartoon logo.

Logo clip art can be a viable solution for many companies. Toons4biz is a great example of how clip art can be brought together to make a powerful logo.

Logo Clipart
Logo clip art is clip art specifically designed for logo design. Toons4biz cartoons include characters designed for use in a logo design or brand mascot.