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This cartoon pizza character comes in it's own clip art set and is perfect for promoting pizza restaurants and pizza related events.
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Pizza Clip Art Set Pizza Logo Mascot Running Clip Art Image Pizza Pointing At You Clip Art
Pizza Restaurant Clip Art Set Pizza Running Pizza Pointing At You
Complete Collection Illustration Running Pointing At You
Pizza Flexing Muscles Graphic Pizza Whispering Pizza Pointing Up Clip Art
Pizza Flexing Muscles Pizza Whispering Pizza Pointing Up
Flexing Muscles Whispering Pointing Up
Pizza With Money Clip Art Pizza In Computer Pizza With A Man
Pizza With Money Pizza In Computer Pizza With A Man
With Money In Computer With A Man
Pizza With A Woman Pizza On A Dollar Bill Pizza Driving A Car
Pizza With A Woman Pizza On A Dollar Bill Pizza Driving A Car
With A Woman On A Dollar Bill Driving A Car
Pizza With Price Tag Pizza With Stop Sign Graphic Pizza With Scissors
Pizza With Price Tag Pizza With Stop Sign Pizza With Scissors
Holding Price Tag Holding Stop Sign Holding Scissors
Pizza With Phone Pizza With Megaphone Graphic Pizza With A Sign
Pizza With Phone Pizza With Megaphone Pizza With A Sign
Pointing to Phone Using Megaphone Holding A Sign
This cartoon pizza character comes in it's own clipart set and is perfect for promoting pizza restaurants and pizza related events.

For independent pizza restaurant shop owners, give yourself a marketing advantage when competing against the giant chains by putting our pizza guy to work for you. While all the other pizza restaurants will be stuggling to differentiate themselves, you could be known as "that pizza place with the pizza guy!" Don't shrug it off so quickly. There was a day when the Minnesota Canning Company was known as that vegetable company that has that big green giant. Think of how much the Doughboy has done to put Pillsbury on the map. Face it - they sell uncooked bread dough. Can you imagine any business challenge more daunting?

The fact is - cartoon brand mascots like our pizza guy work. In highly competitive markets where it's difficult to differentiate and stand out in the crowd, nothing works better than a cartoon brand mascot. And the pizza restaurant market is ripe for picking. Pizza Hut doesn't do anything with character. They just smother the market with coupons and TV advertising featuring shots of their food. Dominos, another industry giant, is simply coasting, relying on their size and footprint in local markets to sustain their market share. Years ago, they had the "Noid," that was an example of a brand mascot gone wild. It was just annoying. Why would you ever want to associate your product with such an annoying character? It's a mystery to us. Do you remember how Lil Ceasars stormed the market years ago? Their cartoon mascot made them unique and memorable. As soon as they stopped leaning on their cartoon mascot, they started their downward spiral.

Our pizza character can give your restaurant a distinct advantage, and it doesn't take much money to put him to work for you. Those large pizza chains spend millions of dollars developing and deploying their marketing schemes. That's why the franchisees have to pay such steep fees. But you don't have to. You can buy the royalty free rights to a single version of our pizza cartoon character for only $69. You can buy the entire clipart set which includes 75 versions of the cartoon pizza character for a mere $300. THAT is very little to pay for the cornerstone of a marketing platform that can propel your pizza restaurant into a completely new league.

Here are some ideas of what you can do with your pizza cartoon brand mascot. Get window clings made so patrons can see him when they drive by. Get a window cling made of a dialog bubble, and use a dry erase marker to give him a voice. Use him to tell customers about specials! Here's another idea. Get a cardboard cut out of him and put it in your showroom. Kids will love it! Get a miniature stand-up of him for your counter tops. Get tent cards featuring your pizza character made up. Put your pizza character on your menus, cups, napkins, ads and coupons. Here's one our favorite ideas - put your pizza character on a temporary tattoo. Kids love them, but so do adults. It's a great way to get the most out of your pizza brand mascot. Another great idea is getting a costume made up so one of your employees can make appearances to promote your restaurant. Think of how much kids love a costumed character. Send him to local ball games. Send him to schools. Have him stand out on the street corner with a sign telling people about a special.

The potential is incredible. Put our pizza character to work for you today.

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