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Mascot List
Bald Eagle Mascot Bear School Mascot Black Bear Adult Mascot
Black Bear Mascot Black Stallion Mascot Blue Jay Mascot
Bobcat Mascot Bronco Mascot Bull School Mascot
Bulldog Mascot Cardinal Mascot Cheetah Mascot
Colts Mascot Cougar Mascot Devil Mascot
Dolphin Mascot Dragon Mascot Falcon Mascot
Fox Griffin Mascot Grizzly Bear Mascot
Hawk Logo Hawk Mascot Husky Mascot
Jaguar Mascot Jaguar Spotted Kangaroo Mascot
Lancer School Mascot Leopard Mascot Lion School Mascot
Mallard Duck Mustangs Mascot Panther Mascot
Parrot Mascot Patriot Penguin Mascot
Pirate Polar Bear Mascot Puppy Cartoon
Ram Mascot Seahawk Mascot Star Behavior Set
Star School Mascot Standard Set Tiger School Mascot Turtle School Mascot
Wildcat Mascot Wolf School Mascot
These kid-friendly school mascots are designed as the centerpiece for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports programs (PBIS) in elementary schools. Use the mascot as a positive role model to reinforce behavioral expectations that help build a safe and productive climate that maximizes success for all students.

Each of our mascots feature 50 illustrations in a clip art set featuring the mascot doing school related activities. Perfect for posters, banners, flyers and yearbook design. We can do custom versions of the art to support specific PBIS initiatives, such as thematic acronym reinforcing.
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Lion Mascot Mascot Clip Art Tiger Mascot Clip Art Set Bobcat Mascot Clipart Set
Lion Mascot Mascot Clip Art Bundle
Tiger Mascot Clipart Bundle Bobcat Mascot Clipart Bundle
Cheetah Mascot Clip Art Set Jaguar Mascot 2 Clip Art Set Wildcat Mascot Clip Art Set
Cheetah Mascot Clipart Bundle Jaguar Mascot 2 Clipart Bundle Wildcat Mascot Clipart Bundle
Puppy Clip Art Set Bulldog Mascot Clip Art Set Husky Clip Art Set
Puppy Bundle Bulldog Mascot Bundle Husky Bundle
Wolf Mascot Clip Art Set Bear Mascot Bundle Black Bear School Mascot  Clip Art Set
Wolf Mascot Bundle Bear Mascot Bundle Illustration of Black Bear Set
Dragon Clip Art Set Kangaroo Mascot Clipart Set Turtle Mascot Clip Art Collection
Dragon Clipart Bundle Kangaroo Mascot Clipart Bundle Turtle Mascot Clipart Collection
Cougar Mascot Clip Art Jaguar Mascot Mascot Clip Art Bundle Panther Mascot Mascot Clip Art
Cougar Mascot Mascot Clipart Bundle
Jaguar Mascot Mascot Clipart Bundle
Panther Mascot Clip Art Bundle