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Toons4biz offers school mascot clip art sets that are great for elementary schools. Our school mascots are kid friendly. Each is featured in a clip art set featuring the school mascot doing a variety of things such as holding a report card, doing homework, riding a school bus and playing basketball, football and other sports. These clip art sets are great for yearbook design, banners, t-shirts, newsletters and Web sites.

School Mascot
Do not use a university mascot or college mascot because they are copyrighted, and colleges and universities are starting to crack down on public schools using their copyrighted mascot art. The reason is simple - money. A college mascot or university mascot means big bucks in license fees whenever it is put on a hat, shirt, jacket or any type of product for sale.

Our school mascots also come in logo templates, so you can easily add type to customize it for your school. Colors can also be easily changed to match your school colors if you have a vector based drawing program such as Illustrator or Coreldraw.

Why is a school mascot important for an elementary school? It gives students a sense of community and belonging when they know they are now a "bulldog" or "eagle" or whatever the mascot is. Teachers can use the mascot in lessons to teach positive character traits. "Be good little tigers and stand in line quietly." Black and white versions of the art is also available as a coloring sheet.

If you don't see the school mascot you want for your school, let us know. We do custom work all the time and would be glad to design a custom school mascot for you.
School mascot clip art