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A Web site must:

  • Do a good job of telling your story
  • Be search engine optimized (SEO)
  • Have worthy content
  • Attract visitors
  • Reach your target market
  • Have strong keywords
  • Communicate at a glance
  • Be easy to navigate
  • Require as few clicks as possible
  • Have good metadata
  • Load fast and function properly
  • Be secure
  • Be registered with search engines

  • Sample Site:

    Cook Auction web site
    Cook Auction
    Maxam Equipment web site
    Maxam Equipment

    Janssen Lawn web site
    Janssen Lawn Service
    Todd's Automotive web site
    Todd's Automotive

    Pro-Dig-GI web site

    JDS Detail and Tint web site
    JDS Detail & Tint

    Staying Home web site
    Staying Home

    ChataBing web site

    Red Rock web site
    Red Rock Insurance

    Superior Surface Solutions
    Superior Surface Solutions

    Vortex web site
    Vortex Polishing

    Stemlock web site

    PBIS web site
    PBIS Teaching Tools

    Kreative Komputing
    Kreative Komputing

    Tronix web site
    Tronix Country

    JA Lillig web site
    JA Lillig Excavating

    Custom Line Art web site
    Custom Line Art

    AquaPatch Asphalt web site
    AquaPatch Asphalt
    ESA web site

    AmeriTech Leasing web site
    Ameritech Leasing Inc.

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