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Brand Management and Branding Strategies with Marketing Mascots
Branding with a marketing mascot dates back to the eighteen hundreds, and it is still a very powerful brand building tool today. Look at how Aflac used the duck to pull their company out of virtual obscurity into the spotlight. Today, more than 90 percent of people in the United States know who Aflac is, but prior to the duck, less than 20 percent knew. You can see similar success stories in many industries. The Jolly Green Giant made the Minnesota Canning Company a fortune. The Keebler Elves make Nabisco a lot of mula. The Pop'n Fresh keeps Pillsbury rolling in the dough. The drum totting bunny helped Energizer climb to the top of the battery market.

So with so many success stories, why don't more people turn to a brand mascot to help with brand building. A successful brand strategy is a complex concoction of creativity. One must understand the fine nuances of brand marketing and how a mascot contributes to the marketing mix. A successful brand strategy accounts for a number of variables. Each market, product and service is unique. You can't just put a smiley faced character beside your logo and consider the job done.

You have to give the brand mascot a life. It is a well thought out process. You should develop a personality profile for the character. List their strengths and weaknesses. Strengths are nice, but weaknesses are more interesting. The Trix rabbit's weakness is that he doesn't know how to get his hands on the cereal. Sonny the Cuckoo Bird's weakness is that he goes nuts whenever he gets near the chocolate cereal. The Aflac duck is somewhat ignored. The Geicko cavemen get downright aggravated whenever they hear "so simple a caveman can do it." These difficulties and challenges help consumers empathize with the mascot, and they make the character more endearing. What more could you want than to have a prospective customer's heart go out to you. That's the magic of a well crafted brand strategy.
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