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Cartoon logo design is different from regular logo design in some respects. It combines two disciplines: logo design with cartooning. A good logo designer does not necessarily know how to draw a good cartoon character. A good cartoonist may not be sensitive to the typographic, color and branding concerns imperative to logo design.

When the cartoon logo design process, you need to know what makes a good logo, but also what makes a good cartoon character or, more specifically, an effective brand mascot. The ultimate success of your cartoon logo design depends on understanding both.

A good logo must reproduce and be recognizable at a small size. Think of how it has to look on your business card. Make sure it still looks OK when it's shrunk down to a one-inch square and viewed on a computer screen where the resolution is not very good. When you try to cram a detailed cartoon character into a logo, you have to be careful that the cartoon character holds up its integrity. That's the mark of a good cartoon logo design.

A good cartoon character for a cartoon logo design therefore must be relatively simple in its design. That's why the cartoon characters at Toon4biz have big, friendly eyes - they hold up at small sizes. A lot of other cartoon characters lose elements of their face when reduced. That is not good for a cartoon logo design. Creating a good cartoon logo design is not as easy as most people think. Get professional help. At Toons4biz, we specialize in cartoon logo design. Our cartoon characters are designed specifically to be incorporated into a cartoon logo design.

Many people come to Toons4biz for cartoon logo design because our cartoon characters are designed for brand building purposes. Each cartoon character comes in its own clipart set featuring the brand mascot in a variety of useful poses such as holding a blank sign, holding a fist full of money, holding a phone or looking through a magnifying glass. With more than 100 different stock characters, you're bound to find one that you could incorporate into your cartoon logo design. In addition to stock cartoon brand mascots, Toons4biz also does custom cartoon logo design.

Cartoon Logo Design

The cartoon logo design elements at Toons4biz are for logo design with a cartoon character. Use Toons4biz for cartoon logo design.