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Toons4biz offers its own version of emoticons called Toonicons. These emoticons feature the cartoon brand mascots offered through Toons4biz.

Regular emoticons allow people to inject a little personality and humor into their e-mails and Web sites. The emoticons, or Toonicons, from Toons4biz can be used for personal purposes, but also give businesses a powerful viral marketing campaign tool. Notice how Toonicons feature the Toons4biz logo, and when someone clicks on it, they go to our Web site. We use these emoticons to drive traffic to our Web site. That's why we give them away for free. Visitors get something fun and free, and we get additional exposure and Web traffic in return.

Businesses can do the same with a customized Toonicon. We create a Toonicon of whatever character you want and will put your logo or company name under it, and give it a hot link to your Web site. Image all the traffic you could get just by having all your employees put your Toonicon in the signature of their e-mails. People tend to click on cartoon characters to see what happens.

Depending on your product or service, you might want to offer free Toonicons to the public too. It's a great traffic building tool. You never know where a Toonicon is going to show up, but if it finds a home on a popular site, brace yourself for the traffic!

Next time you think about emoticons, think Toonicons instead, and remember how they are an incredible viral marketing tool.

Call and ask us how you can get a Toonicon for your business. (816) 366.0199.

Download Free Emoticons and Toonicons From Toons4biz