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A mascot is a powerful marketing tool. Whether it is a school mascot for a college or university, or a brand mascot featured as the cornerstone a company branding strategy, mascots cut out a very memorable place in our minds.

Brand mascots help companies stand out in very competitive markets. Look at how Aflac uses the duck, Giecko uses the gecko, Met life uses Snoopy, Pillsbury uses the Dough Boy and Keebler uses the Elves. When they are used right, a mascot can make a strong, memorable impression and be the foundation for a highly successful branding strategy. Each of our stock brand mascots come in a clip art set featuring them in a variety of useful poses. You can purchase mascot clip art one pose at a time, or purchase an entire set, and save. We also design custom mascots for people who want something more unique for their business.

Toons4biz offers an array of school mascots available in clip art sets. These are sold with a royalty free license, which means you have virtually unlimited use, and never have to worry about who owns the art. And the fact that our school mascots come in clip art sets that feature the same mascot in a variety of useful poses, means you can use them for a wide array of purposes. Our mascots comes playing basketball, football, baseball and soccer, plus you get them doing a bunch of things school kids do, such as riding a bus, doing homework, holding a report card. The Toons4biz school mascots are kid friendly, perfect for elementary and middle schools. Lots of fun. A school mascot can also be the foundation for school spirit, and be the launching platform for selling a lot of merchandise, and recruiting a lot of students. A college mascot is often worn on clothing by alumni with great pride. A university mascot can actually be the source for a sizable revenue stream for the school. In fact, so much so, that colleges and universities are now starting to police the use of their copyrighted mascot art much more closely. High schools and elementary schools need to be careful about using a university mascot without permission. It can cost lots of money to pay the license fee, even more if you have to replace all your athletic uniforms and building signage.
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School Brand Mascot design for all your school projects.