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The stock clipart business is growing rapidly, but is that a good thing? Stock clipart artists who give their work away for free are making a mistake by undervaluing everyone's art. Sure, "free" stock clipart sites are nice, but they are not doing anything to support the artistic community.

Consider one of my favorite stories about Picasso. He was dining in a fine restaurant in New York City, when a lady couldn't contain herself and approached his table. She gushed and gushed about how she adored his work and asked him if he'd sketch something on a napkin for her. He smiled politely and obliged producing a sketch of a nearby waiter. Then as he handed it to her, he said, "That will be $20,000." Aghast, she retorted, "But that only took you a few minutes." To which he replied, "No ma'am, that took me 60 years to learn how to do that." Picasso understood supply and demand and value. We artist should all learn this lesson from one of the masters.

If you are an artist who is putting your work up on a stock clipart site, don't give it away for free. Charge what it is worth so that you will be able to dedicate more of your time to artwork instead of flipping burgers. You'll make the world a better place by making a little money for your efforts. The world can afford a few dollars, but cannot afford to lose its artists. Use stock clipart sites wisely.

And for art acquirers, if you ever know someone who is looking through stock clipart sites and are contemplating downloading a copyrighted image without paying for it, please point out to them that there is a starving artist on the other end that would appreciate a small pittance for their work. And the artist behind the stock clipart needs to put a roof over their head, and put their kids through college too. You too, can help make the world a better place by supporting the artistic community by patronizing stock clipart sites that pay the artist for their work.

Stock Clipart
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