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A brand mascot is a cartoon character designed to promote either a company, a product or a service. Not just another cartoon character, a brand mascot needs to be carefully crafted to support the marketing mission and branding goals of the company.

Don't use any old cartoon character as your brand mascot. Many mascots you'll find in traditional clipart sources will be humorous looking (silly, goofy and maybe even stupid), but is that really the image you want to project?

A brand mascot from Toons4biz is specifically designed for brand building purposes. Our brand mascots are bright, intelligent looking, friendly, helpful and cheerful in their demeanor. It's no mistake that our brand mascots feature big, friendly eyes and bright, cheerful smiles.

Each brand mascot from Toons4biz also comes in its own clipart set so you can build a robust marketing campaign around them. The brand mascot is shown celebrating holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Independence Day. Each brand mascot is also shown doing useful things like holding a blank sign that you can customize with your message. The clipart set for each brand mascot also shows them holding a fist full of money, holding a telephone, looking through a magnifying glass, running, and much more.

Some of the brand mascots also come in logo templates so you can plug your company or product name in place and have a great cartoon logo. Animated versions of each brand mascot can also be created. Toons4biz also does custom brand mascots.

Brand Mascot
Each brand mascot comes in a clipart set with multiple poses of brand mascot so you can build a robust brand building campaign around your brand mascot.